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A podcast for all things Grindhouse, Exploitation, Cult, Drive-In and B-Movies.

Jan 28, 2018

This week’s episode is an interview with movie director Jim Wynorski. This interview first aired in EP81 THE LOST EMPIRE on May, 18 2014. Both Mike and Iris sit down with Jim to chat about his first picture THE LOST EMPIRE (1985) as well as discussing many of his popular pictures from a 40 year career as a film director.

Jan 21, 2018

In the show’s longest episode to date, Mike, Iris and Mark take listener e-mail and MP3s while chatting about the best and worst films of 2017.  This episode depends largely on community input and this year participation hit an all-time high.  We hope you enjoy this extra long annual episode jam-packed with fun,...

Jan 14, 2018

For the second episode of 2018, your show hosts Mike and Mark discuss director Doris Wishman’s A NIGHT TO DISMEMBER (1983). With Iris still out on special assignment exploring the cinematic wastelands, we tackle this train wreck of a film. Your hosts can’t help but see past all its inherent flaws and glaring...

Jan 7, 2018

It’s a brand new year and we’re back with an all new episode. This week on the show, Mark and Mike discuss the Frank Roach directed picture FROZEN SCREAM (1975). It doesn’t get much worse than this folks, but your two hosts manage to get through the episode without beating up this UK appointed Video Nasty too...